Buddy Coach

From the term ‘Buddy coach’ we can get an idea about the fun element hidden behind this project. A common saying- “there is no end to learning” and if this learning can be done while having fun- what else do we need!

I am Shikhorini Bhattacharya and welcome to my blog where you will find fun, dance, drama, crisis, comedy etc etc…. while my journey with the young minds. It’s been good 7 years that I am working with Young adultsĀ and trust me the journey has been wonderful so far. So good that I wish to continue this for my entire life now. May be when I would run out of teeth, you can hear me saying all cool-yo words just because of the influence I chose to be with.

While working with young minds I realized a lot of things, experienced few and resolved many. I wish to create a one stop platform for all mothers, teachers, caregivers, guardians and peers who finds it difficult in dealing with young minds. I would also talk about situations and measures undertaken in various times. I am crafting this project so that we can communicate, make conversations and cater the young minds with special needs an integrated society with a tad bit of support and empathy.

‘Hope’ is a word full of gravity and with this hope of equal opportunity and scope I wish to share my experience so far. For further details you can contact me on my email address (shared on the get in touch tab). I provide both FtoF and online coaching for my clients so please feel free to inquire.